What Makes a Minnesota Historical Romance?


Minnesota Historical Romance

What Makes a Minnesota Historical Romance?

A Minnesota Historical Romance has three elements:

  1. A beautiful setting;
  2. Intriguing characters; and
  3. A romantic love story – from beginning to end.

Nikolina’s Hope is a Classic Historical Romance.

Duluth – Northern Minnesota’s Shining Star

The port city of Duluth is the perfect setting for a Minnesota Historical Romance set in the 1880s.

Shipping, timber, grain, iron ore, and commerce combine to create a classic American success story.

Anders Solheim – a Man of Commerce

Raised in a lumber family, Anders Solheim found his own fortune in northern Minnesota’s abundant mineral reserves.

Nikolina Birkeland – From Nursing Student to Society Matron

Nikolina Birkeland was left an orphan upon her father’s death, but through the love of her family, and the man that she married – she became the center of Duluth society.

Nikolina’s Hope – A Classic Historical Romance

Nikolina’s Hope is a timeless Minnesota love story – a Classic Historical Romance.

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